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There’s never been a better time to build a wildly profitable online brand doing what you love — working from anywhere and sharing your femme powered gifts to create limitless impact and income.

By activating your CEO Queen who calls the shots on creating the business, life, and money SHE wants, by embodying her intuitive feminine leadership powers.

By powering your sales with our digital marketing strategies.

By leveraging your small but mighty team - that works for you – even when you’re not at work.

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I’m Tina and I’ve unlocked the secrets of sustainable growth for women entrepreneurs.

Throughout my career, I have observed that many leaders, particularly women, tend to adopt traditional patriarchal leadership styles simply because they were never taught to recognize or cultivate their innate qualities. The idea of incorporating qualities like intuition, empathy, and nurturing into the workplace seemed foreign, or even discouraged. 

The end result? Women leaders struggled to truly connect with their teams and fulfill their original vision for the business when they didn’t lean into the leadership capabilities that came naturally to them. 

I realized that traditional patriarchal leadership styles weren't working for me, and it seemed they weren't working for many other women leaders either. This led me to investigate what was holding women back from embracing their innate feminine leadership qualities.

 In 2017, I had a breakthrough in my research, uncovering the limiting beliefs, cultural constructs, and fears that prevent women gurus and experts from harnessing their power and becoming empowered, intuitive, and unstoppable leaders.

Since then, women CEOs and leaders from companies like Nixon, Poole, Lackie LLP, Foresters Financial, Manulife Financial  and others have trusted me with their businesses.

Now I’m passing along everything I’ve learned so that YOU can feel more aligned, peaceful and profitable as you build your divine dream business and rock star team.

I’ve unlocked the secrets of what it takes to be a Queen CEO

And it’s all about stepping into that next level of leadership in a way that is authentic and in alignment with who YOU really are…

If this resonates with you and you want to skip the painful trial & error approach to your first $M or your next $MM we should talk.


I’m Tina and I’ve unlocked the secrets of sustainable growth.

And it’s all about systems and teamwork and a leadership mindset.

Early in my career, I observed that most leaders – especially entrepreneurs – have a tremendous vision, but are missing the key components to making it a reality. They end up sacrificing their happiness and sometimes even burning out in their pursuit of success.

I was not satisfied with that depressing business model. So I got to work identifying the systems that work – and the ones that don’t. 

In 2017, I turned a corner in my observational research. I have been able to synthesize everything I've learned along the way and develop a unique lens through which to view growth opportunities.

And it's all based on the philosophy that we should all be working smarter and not harder.

Since then, CEOs and corporate leaders from companies like Nixon, Poole & Lackie LLP, Foresters Financial and Manulife Financial have trusted me with their business expansion.

Now I’m passing along everything I’ve learned so that YOU can grow and sustain YOUR business. This system is the key to your success especially if you are

a CEO that values a lifestyle business.

If this resonates with you and you want to skip the painful trial & error approach to your first $M or your next $MM

we should talk.

Your Business Should Give You Freedom. Not Shackle You to an Endless To-Do List.

Growing pains are part of the process for all entrepreneurs.

But there are 3 hurdles that stop some dead in their tracks.

You’re Haunted by the Things You “Should” Do

The business gurus you follow are full of advice about the right way to grow your business. But are they actually full of it? There are so many “perfect solutions” out there. And yet none of them fit your unique personality, lifestyle, or goals.

You want to build a successful business… But you feel like you’re doing it WRONG, no matter what you choose to do.

You Don’t Have Time to Take Time for Yourself

Yes, you’re exhausted. Yes, you’ve put off your vacation AGAIN. But your clients need you! You’re consumed with worry if you step away from your business for more than a day. You wish you could set your business on autopilot once in a while.

And yet, you enjoy what you do… So you put your nose to the grindstone and keep dreaming of “someday.”

You’re Afraid to Admit You’re Burning Out

When you first started your business, it was exhilarating. Everyone was impressed by your moxie. But now that you’ve been the boss for this long, you wonder… How much more do you have to give? Maybe this is as good as it gets. Maybe this is as successful as you’ll ever be. 

You’re dejected, discouraged. And it makes you mad that you still hope for more!


Let’s Scale And Grow Your Business Together!


This is a high-level service designed for entrepreneurs who are currently looking to scale their ads to the next level and are NOT interested in DIYing it themselves.

Full ads management includes:

– Immersive Client Onboarding

– Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

– Done-For-You AD Creative & Copy

– Done-For-You Funnels & Websites

– Weekly and Monthly Reporting

We believe in deep market research and giving the customer personal attention. It’s how we get such a high return on investment for our clients. By the time we get done we know EXACTLY what your ideal clients and customers want so we can create ad campaigns that truly deliver results (i.e. money in the bank).

Want To Get In On The Action & Let The Experts Take Over Your Facebook Ads?

Femme Powered CEO


As a successful 7-figure female CEO or founder, are you feeling exhausted and tired of sacrificing yourself for the pursuit of your next million, while also struggling to get the results you desire from your team?

  • Are you struggling to have more time and energy for YOURSELF and step into a schedule that gives you the freedom to take daily walks on the beach and have pampering sessions at the spa?

  • Do you feel like making money is hard and business is meant to be a struggle? Instead of shifting into a Queen who attracts clients and money so easily that it’s fun!

  • Are you drowning under the weight of endless requests from a team that needs YOU all the time?

  • Do you desire to feel at peace with your payroll & surround yourself with a support system of people to remove the stress and finally ditch the BS story that you must be strong and do it all on your own.

There is an easier way...

Awaken your CEO Queen and create your next million with ease by embracing your inner femme leadership powers.


  • No longer play the patriarchal game of business you were taught in your old life as you reclaim your divine femme leadership skills to create a deeply fulfilling business and work/life balance that leaves you feeling rich, nourished, and supported on all levels.

  • Activate your boss diva money codes to attract an influx of income, recognition and respect.

  • Stop messing around in the backend of your business and get the systems and structures in place to focus on your zone of genius and fully embody your CEO role.

  • Stop feeling lonely, lost and not able to get your groove on to being an empowered superstar encouraged and supported by a rock star team. 

  • Love the rich life that you’ve created for your family and yourself, so you can take time off whenever you want, take a siesta, head to the beach, get a massage and hire a chef and a personal trainer, without feeling guilty or ashamed.

  • Adore the clients you work with and the transformations you co-create.

  • Wake-up every morning, knowing you have a team that has your back at work, support systems at home and a business that is poised for greatness!

  • Lovingly releasing the chains of generational poverty and opening the way for infinite receiving.

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Companies Worked With

  • NPL Law Firm

  • Canada Life

  • Foresters Financial

  • Western Wealth Capital

  • Biovectra

  • LightSpeed

  • Manulife Financial

  • Nuclear Waste Management Organization


Done-For-You Toolkit

This Roadmap to Outsourcing Could Ultimately Double or Triple Your Revenue.

By Building Your Small-But-Mighty Team.

Realize your biggest dreams as the leader of an effective team!

These videos & templates and done for you resources unlock the secrets of hiring, onboarding, managing and systematizing so your business runs smoothly.

Create a thriving business that works for you – even when you’re not at work.

Business Audit

Discover What's Holding You Back From a 7 Figure Business.

How did that business grow so fast?  

One minute that person was a solopreneur hustling and the next minute they are a CEO of a $multi million business. 

How did they get there?

Why can't that be you?  

Good news! This business audit will highlight exactly which systems, processes or people are holding you back.