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90 day leadership operating system

90 Day leadership operating system

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Leadership operating systems

weekly action steps and progress reports

Weekly Action Steps And Progress Reports

Every visionary CEO needs an A-team to bring their plans to life.

I help turn high performing individual contributors into high performing C-Suite team members in 90 days or less.

I love working with fast growing 7-figure health tech & product companies. Throughout my career, I have poured out my understanding & insights about overcoming challenges into helping you build your “A Team” with my 90 Day Leadership Operating System. This highly effective fast-track-your-success system can be implemented in your organizations as is or can be customized based on specific challenges your team faces.

Turn your duct taped team into a resilient, self-sufficient C-Suite in 90 days or less.

My 90 day corporate leadership program helps create a leadership operating system by teaching you how to lead others by leading yourself.

I help CEO's bring their vision to life. How would it feel to have less conflict and more clarity around team roles and responsibilities? How would it feel to have a team you like to work with? A group of A-Players who are self sufficient and entrepreneurial?

Ask Yourself This...

  • Are you growing and adding to their leadership team - would you like to onboard them into the leadership team quickly?
  • Not sure how to build a team that you would love to work with everyday?
  • Don't feel like you can take a vacation and truly disconnect?
  • Have a business that is growing fast need your leadership team to be on the same page?
  • May not have a way to plan, measure and adjust what's happening day to day in your company?
  • Have leaders that are caught up in the day to day
  • are growing and adding to your leadership team and need an onboarding system ASAP?


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