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Next Program Starts:

September 1, 2021

The Goal: Give your managers a leadership framework that will not only help them deliver on the company's strategy to grow more quickly but also reduce drama, conflict & cost in the process.

Course Length: 12 weeks

Course Format: Self Directed Online Learning and Live Group Coaching

How Does It Work:

Managers will be given new leadership concepts to learn in video format. Worksheets & Assignments will be provided for managers to apply the concepts taught in their real world. Implementation weeks have been built in to give them plenty of time to implement what they learned before moving onto the new concepts.

They will be given the opportunity to be coached, role play and be given real time feedback on assignments via weekly coaching calls.

Week 1:

Leadership Philosophy- all leaders need to understand their leadership philosophy to inform their decisions, intentional culture & team dynamics

Week 2: Part 1

The Manager’s Mind & Performance - How we think creates our results. Managers ability to understand their own thinking and it’s influence on personal & team results is imperative to creating exceptional performance.

Week 3: Part 2.

The Manager’s Mind & Performance

Week 4:

Setting Expectations & Standards for your teams.


Role Definition


Week 5:

Implementation Week.

Week 6:

Accountability & 1:1 Practices

Week 7:

Coaching Formula : helps leaders diagnose, know and understand each element of performance and the impact of only focusing on WHAT needs to be achieved, rather than also evaluating HOW and WHY.

Week 8:

How to coach difficult people & provide feedback that get’s results.

Week 9:

Implementation Week.

Week 10:

Managing Change Part 1

Week 11:

Managing Change Part 2

Week 12:

Wrap Up & Define Next 90 Days

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