Hi There!  I’m Tina…

A nutritionist, entrepreneur, hiker & self proclaimed natural foodie who is dedicated to helping individuals use food to rebalance their body. I can help you ignite the natural healing process of your mind, body, and spirit so that you can feel whole again.

My passion is helping people live their best life, with a focus on the role nutrition plays in overall wellbeing. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I am the creator of The Thriving Thyroid Program – an online program that focuses on lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition as a holistic approach to improving thyroid health; which draws on my personal experience with Hashimoto’s and my struggles with weight & lack of energy.

I also host wellness workshops and group programs.

My Story

In addition to my general health coaching practice I have created online weight loss programs for women with hypothyroidism & hashimoto’s who are struggling to lose weight! I reduce the overwhelm and frustration, while making it easy to lose weight without having to go on a really restrictive diet – aka autoimmune protocol!

As a women living with Hashimoto’s myself I am on a mission to show women who are suffering like I was; the lifestyle exercise, attitude and nutrition changes they need to make so they can FINALLY lose weight and feel confident in their own skin again!

And when I’m not busy creating customized meal plans, hosting education workshops and helping clients rebalance their body nutritionally I can usually be found travelling, hiking or indulging in my passion for good food and great spa’s! I don’t have kids – by choice- but I do have a boyfriend and friends who sometimes act like kids- so that counts! I absolutely love creating simple but extremely tasty (has to be tasty!) meals that I can share with my friends and family! I get a real kick out of trying to create what I call ‘cheat eats’ healthier versions of cheat meals or comfort food like mac & cheese or pizza so that I can enjoy without the guilt! Click here for a link to that recipe!

Want to know more?  Here are a few interesting facts you probably don’t know about me:

#1: I never saw a live band until I was in my 30’s. See fact #5 for why!
#2: I am a spice and condiment hoarder – my cupboards & fridge are rammed!
#3: I love to try new things and visit new places so my passport and overnight bag are always ready!
#4: I summited Mount Kilimanjaro, rock climbed in the Italian Dolomites, hiked the peaks of Canadian Rocky Mountains and explored a cave in Tennessee! #mountainjunkie
#5: I am a first generation Canadian of Guyanese descent (Guyana, South America) & the oldest sibling in my family. My youth was a struggle to find balance between the freedom of being Canadian and the cultural expectations of being a West Indian woman (my parents were strict!). But my ability to constantly push & improve myself, my determination, ability to adapt & unwavering work ethic are all born from that struggle. To be honest, I’m not sure I have ever found that balance. But I have accepted that balance isn’t always required to live a fun and fullfilling life!

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Yours in Health!

Tina Joseph