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If you aren’t aware of the thyroid – adrenal (aka stress) connection and are not addressing it – then you are missing a key piece of the thyroid puzzle. This is an area that I feel our Western medical system doesn’t pay enough attention to. Yet the North American lifestyle is probably the most busy and stressful than it’s ever been. 

So what is the connection?  Here’s just a few: 



  • When your stressed – your body mobilizes all it’s resources to ensure your body is ready to handle that stress.  That means it readies your body to run/react/respond and in doing so it shuts down the functions that it considers ‘secondary’ to responding to an perceived threat.  Can you guess what one of those functions is? Yep you got it – it shuts down your thyroid.  
  • When your body is getting ready to respond to a threat (even one’s just made up in our minds) it pumps out hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Unfortunately those hormones competes with the thyroid for essential nutrients to make those stress hormones; meaning there is less to make thyroid hormones.
  • Chronic stress is a hog on other nutrients like Vitamin C, B vitamins and Magnesium.  We need these for energy. And since we are already low energy as a result of low thyroid – this is making the whole situation worse.
To top it all off, stress shuts down digestion – so absorbing these nutrients that your body needs to build hormones and to function energetically is almost impossible.  Stress is also inflammatory and it increases belly fat.


Now, we’ve established the connection – lets understand what to do about it  – RIGHT?

I could go into the general tips that I give everyone with a thyroid condition.  But I realize that you might already be ‘implementing’ those general tips from your last google search or maybe even from what you’ve watched me post on Facebook or Instagram.  AND I realize that we might be missing the mark by not focusing on supporting your adrenals because it’s not covered in most of those general thyroid recommendations.

So here’s your next step.  Take this quick a look at this list of symptoms and check off which one’s apply to you: 

  • Gain weight easily around your middle
  • Blood pressure decreases when going from a lying down position to a standing position
  • Emotional upsets cause exhaustion
  • I feel like I’m constantly under pressure
  • Find yourself easily agitated or have a short temper
  • Have trouble falling asleep (feel ‘tired & wired)
  • I wake up a 2 am and struggle to fall asleep
  • I jump at loud noises
  • Perspire excessively
  • Neck or shoulder tension
  • Frequent headache
  • I stress eat
  • Occasional cold sweats
  • Tightness or lump in your throat or digestive upset (pit in your stomach), particularly when emotional stressed
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day
  • I have no food willpower
  • I feel anxious a lot;  I worry and often think something bad is going to happen

If you find that you have more than 5-6 of these symptoms then your next step is to book a call so we can create your personalized adrenal/thyroid plan.  The only thing you need to do is show up with your list of symptoms from the list above. 

If you ticked off ALL of these symptoms – then PLEASE don’t put this call off. We have found your missing link.