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A FREE 5 day nutrition program designed to reduce your sugar cravings and kickstart your metabolism!


My name is Tina!

As a nutritionist who is also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I get what it’s like to struggle with weight gain and being exhausted all the time!

That’s why I’m on a mission to share that it is possible to lose weight and rebalance those thyroid hormones with simple lifestyle and nutrition changes…so that you can can finally ditch the ‘thyroid excuse’ and go back to feeling comfortable in your own skin again!

Work with me and finally find out why those other diets are NOT working for you!


If any or all apply!


Aches & pains

Your body moves like your 90 instead of being decades younger!

Unable to lose weight

Despite restrictive diets that cut out all the foods you love and exercising all the time!


You wake up tired AND need a nap midday!

You feel overwhelmed!

You’ve read everything on the internet and you still don’t know where to start!

Brain fog

Feel like you are walking around in a constant fog; impacting your ability to make even the simplest decisions.

They say it's all in your head!

You are suffering from thyroid symptoms but your doctor tells you your levels are ‘normal’!


Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is very important to a healthy thyroid. Excess sugar in the blood throws your body out of whack; especially your hormones! Reducing sugar is an important first step in rebooting your thyroid in order to kickstart your metabolism! 


Manage Stress

You’ll learn why managing stress is so important to thyroid health and 2 simple techniques to do so.

Manage cravings

Satisfying snacks that will balance your blood sugar and keep you from binge eating when your watching Netflix!

Meal plans

Quick & Easy – 5 day thyroid friendly meal plans with grocery shopping list.

Foods to avoid

You’ll learn what foods to avoid and thyroid friendly replacements!

All day energy

You’ll learn exactly what to eat for breakfast that will set you up for the day!


You are not alone! Find your tribe here and get the inside scoop on what I’ve learned through my own experiences with hypothyroidism and weight loss.



Thyroid problems are very common these days and many people are suffering from these problems all over the world. A great proportion of patients do not even realize they have a serious disease just because of failure of diagnosis. Thyroid imbalance, which can lead to...

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Not only do I feel good and look good… I am now more productive and satisfied at work! What a bonus! Brenda M.

Tina really helped me kickstart my weight loss. She kept me motivated with great tips, recipes and information on the types of foods that would work best for my health goals. Working with Tina was like doing a reset/reboot of my body and mind. I was able to take time to stop and re-evaluate my lifestyle choices and look at things from a new perspective. I would absolutely and without hesitation recommend working with Tina. Victoria

I have a weight loss of 45-50 lbs (it fluctuates) and 52 inches gone! Still a work in progress but I’m loving the results already! 🙂 Jen N.

Before working with Tina, I struggled with high levels of work induced stress, low energy and was not getting enough sleep at night. I knew I needed help to address these problems because they were impacting my ability to tackle life but I didn’t know where to start. Tina helped break it down into manageable elements so that I could understand what the root causes of my challenges were. She created a holistic plan tailored for me than enabled me to systematically address what I needed to do to improve my overall wellness and create that resiliency I needed to better manage the impact of a stressful job. Having followed Tina’s recommendations I find that I am able to sleep through the night, for the first time in months. Overall I I have more energy and easily find the time to cook and eat healthier and have enough energy to get back to the gym. As a bonus I found that a previous chronic sports injury is now more manageable and seems to be responding very well to getting the right nutrients, exercise and supplements. I would definitely recommend Tina services, we hire professionals every day of our lives and where better to make that same investment then in your personal health and wellness. Matt Z.

Before completing the Sugar Detox with Tina,  I really could not control my junk food binges and I couldn’t lose weight. The Sugar Detox helped me recognize my dependency on caffeine and refined sugars. In just a week, I was able to lose 3lbs and kick my diet coke habit! There is no reason to not try her free Sugar Detox program! Tina was a great motivator and I realized that the secret to success is having an accountability coach on your side. Kat F.

Tina’s real food approach with her recipes were critical to my weight loss success. She kept the recipes simple and they required minimal ingredients or prep time which fit my busy lifestyle. I never felt like I was on a diet and it’s a change that I can sustain for life! After working with Tina I have more energy and my tendency to bloat after meals has finally gone away! Joanne